A personal story:

While growing up, I was not the sporty one, the popular one, the pretty one.
I was the clever one – just clever.
And unfortunately I believed a lie, that that was all I could be.
Some might argue this is a huge blessing, a gift! And it is! (I am so thankful I obtained good grades and therefore had the opportunity to study Medicine and become a doctor!)

But I never really felt good enough, because I thought I was too quiet, not self-assured enough and didn’t have the ‘looks’.

Today I know that I am the author of my own story.

And I can change the narrative.

I do not have to be the quiet and self-conscious one.
I do not have to be ONLY one thing – I can be smart and I can be pretty (my own unique kind of beautiful!). This year I took a leap of faith and entered the Sarie Voorbladgesig 2020 competition. Something I never would have dreamed of doing when I was younger! Even though I didn’t make it to the Top 40, I am still proud of myself for displaying courage by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Today, I choose to exercise – not because I believe I have to have the perfectly toned bikini-ready body, but because it makes me feel healthier.

Today I realise:

  • I can be compassionate and I can be COURAGEOUS.
  • I can take risks and I can be BOLD.
  • I can love fearlessly and I can BE LOVED unconditionally.

You, fellow woman, are so much more than JUST-ONE-THING – just a mom, just a housewife, just a businesswoman, just the pretty one, just clever, just fit…

You already have what it takes, to be MORE….to be YOU – it’s locked away in your gifts, your talents, your ideas, and in your specific personality traits! Perhaps today is the perfect day to unlock your full potential?

Today I encourage you, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, and you felt like you were JUST-ONE-THING for FAR TO LONG, take up your pen and change the narrative:
Even if it’s one cursive letter, and one hesitant step at a time...

Remember: Your story doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be authentically YOU.

Alyssa Loftus


  1. I love your post. I can so identify with today’s post. I have just written my first book, but I still am not sure. It is difficult. Your post makes me feel NOT ALONE.
    Born in the Netherlands, I can read your South Afrikaans too.


  2. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I couldn’t agree more. Just one step outside your comfort zone, then the next. That’s all it takes. And all the lies we all believe. It is possible to change it to what is really true. Because all of us are more than just zzz or xxx. You are beautiful, by the way.


  3. Ek stem so saam met jou woorde. Dis een van my belangrikste dinge in my klas, om vir ‘n kind te sê ek soek ‘n ander antwoord, ‘n nuwe idee, want jy is slim en jy het jou eie idees. Ek vergelyk nooit kinders om beter of slegter te wees nie, maar in die lig van jy is jy en hy is hy. So, elkeen van ons kan verskil en dalk beter wees as iemand anders in iets.
    Ek probeer jou volg, maar dit wil nie vat nie


  4. I loathe boxes! Since moving to a university town many years ago, I have always introduced myself by my first name only – it was initially the only way not to be filed away in a box marked X-department; part of Y-hierarchy; is just a Z-something. I am proud to be ME, so your writing resonates well with what I believe too.


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