Do you realise
how precious you are?
I know your every freckle
I know every scar
I’ve seen every heartache
and tear you have cried
I’ve been here all along
with My arms open wide
Even when you walked away
I never asked why
I’ll always take you back
after you said goodbye
My heart swells with love
when you walk into the room
My love is in every rainbow
It’s in every flower’s bloom
Have you read My love letters?
Have you heard My heart beat?
It’s written in the lives
of every person that you meet
I’m watching you with interest,
I’m cheering you on!
Much sooner than you may realise
this life will soon be gone…
Please take my hand
and I will take the lead
You are no longer in bondage:
by My grace you are freed!
Will you open your heart?
Or pretend not to see?
Come, My love,
will you dance with Me?

♡ A.L.


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